Acoustic Roots Schedule Sept 1-3, 2017

Friday Sept 1: Show Time 6pm

6pm Kelly Matheson and Amber Lynk 
7pm Darrell Keigan

8pm Dwayne Cote
9pm Lyrics and Laughter

Saturday Sept 2: Show Time 11am

11am MacArthur Dancers/ CBU Pipe Band
Noon Gillian Head
1pm John Curtis Sampson
2pm Kyle MacDonald
3pm songwriters Circle, John Curtis Sampson, Joe Gillis, Robert Bouchard , Kim Dunn

4pm Donnie Campbell

5pm Kim Dunn
6pm Jason Price
7pm Crowdis Brige

8pm Colin Grant, Jason MacDonald

9pm Robert Bouchard


Sunday Sept 3 Show Time 11am


11am - NC Elite Dancers

Noon -Mi'kmaw Singers and Dancers

1pm - Joe Gillis

2pm - Alycia Putnam

3pm - songwriters Circle, Jason MacDonald, Ryan Roberts, Makayla Lynn, Jason Price

4pm Dwayne Cote

5pm - Ryan Roberts

6pm - Jason Price

7pm - Robert Bouchard

8pm - Makayla Lynn

9pm - Pretty Archie